Interspiritual Counseling

Rev. Shannon offers heart-centered intuitive interspiritual counseling and meets you where you are along your journey, providing insight and compassionate guidance for all faiths and paths. Whether you identify yourself as spiritual but not religious, are exploring within your current wisdom path, curious about other wisdom traditions outside of your current practices and/or religion of youth or consider yourself an agnostic or atheist or are anywhere in between, Rev. Shannon provides inclusive and nonjudgmental compassionate space for all beliefs.

You decide what to discuss with Rev. Shannon during your sessions, whatever surfacing as important or going on in your life is the entrance way for us to explore together where to go. There are many reasons why someone may consider interspiritual counseling, feelings of spiritual emptiness, disconnectedness, restlessness in life, and/or the realization that one’s childhood faith is no longer “fitting” the way it used to. Often someone may have a powerful and unexplainable experience of the Divine or Spirit and wants to talk about it in a safe nonjudgmental space with someone who would understand. In one-on-one sessions, we talk about what is important to you. We allow time and space for discussion, reflection, and meditation and/or prayer related to any area of life, relationships, relationship with the Divine (or secular), on any questions you may be struggling with such as:

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • Why am I here? What are my soul’s lessons in this life?
  • How do I make a deeper spiritual connection to myself and that of God/Source/Spirit?
  • How do I know which spiritual path is right for me?
  • What beliefs about God/Source/Spirit do I carry from my childhood? What do I believe in my life now?
  • Is there anything from my spiritual belief and practices that I am ready to let go of? Is there anything that I would like to explore and welcome in?
  • How do I re-discover my inner light?
  • I am on a religious path and yet I feel like something is missing, why do I feel this sense of emptiness inside and disconnectedness or discontentment?
  • How do I find balance in the distractions and stress of everyday life?
  • How do I connect with my inner wisdom and intuition to make the right choices in my life?

Interspiritual counseling is different from regular counseling or therapy and is not intended to take the place of therapy. It concentrates on the journey, rather than an end result. Interspiritual counseling includes:

  • Looking at life issues from a spiritual perspective
  • Incorporating spirituality into your decision-making process
  • Exploring and deepening your relationship with God/Source/Creator (by whatever name is meaningful and important in your journey)
  • Cultivation of wisdom, compassion and inner peace
  • Developing a meaningful prayer/meditation life, which can include the exploration of spiritual practices from different traditions or contemplation of nature and science from a secular perspective
  • Loving support for creating a heart-centered life
  • Overcoming obstacles to remembering who you truly are and manifesting

Interspiritual counseling sessions with Rev. Shannon serve to increase levels of your awareness, connection with Spirit and/or your inner beliefs and inner light, wholeness and authenticity of self (including your inner truth), personal growth, and spiritual development in your inner life that blossoms in wisdoms and insights that enhance the flourishing of life in all aspects: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

To schedule an initial consultation for interspiritual counseling with Rev. Shannon you are welcome to email or call (908) 864-7094. She looks forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your path of awakening and increasing peace, contentment, and joy in your journey.

Please note: Interspiritual counseling is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic or psychiatric specialized treatment of substance abuse, trauma, mental illness, depression or other serious conditions, but rather can serve as an adjunct, reinforcement, and spiritual support.