Energy Clearings

Everything we can see, feel, and touch is made of energy—including us. Science shows that energy is the building block of all matter. The same energy that composes our bodies is the same that composes the material of houses, cars, phones, animals, trees, and everything else. This energy is constantly flowing and changing form all the time (an example of this is water changing forms to ice or becoming steam), but at times may become stagnant and dense.

Many of us sense energy in some way without knowing why or how this affects us. We may be uncomfortable or uneasy in certain places or when around certain people. Alternatively, we may sense a natural flowing of energy in spaces or even a bubbling of joy and enthusiasm around some individuals. Once we understand that we are receptive to energy in all its forms and how it affects us we can appreciate how our spirits feel lifted and more peaceful once we or the space we are in has been cleared of stagnant or negative energy.

Positive free flowing energy is important for healthy living, strengthening our immune system, optimizing creativity, maintaining daily energy levels, and helping us to feel peaceful in our surroundings. Rev. Shannon offers energy clearings for individuals, homes, and offices. For more details on these offerings please click below:

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