Dare to dream beyond boundaries!

Rev. Shannon’s intuitive Joy Alchemy sessions and classes provide the insights and guidance for you to live your best life and flourish in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Whether it is exploring spiritual pathways, rediscovering how to navigate with your Heart Compass in attunement with your inner wisdom and intuition, bringing greater joy and bliss into everyday life, or bringing your visions and dreams into reality greater than expected. Joy Alchemy sessions with Rev. Shannon open possibilities and pathways for greater inner peace from wherever you are in this present moment, cultivation of greater joy through identifying what is most important to you and navigating past blockages or fear, navigating through life transitions or changes, and supports you in letting go of the “how” in transformation to allow outcomes greater than you can imagine to manifest in your life.

Live the life of your dreams!

~ Discover and strengthen your unique gifts
~ Empowering your voice and true power
~ Enhancing focus and clarity
~ Greater joy in your personal and professional life
~ Transform and remove blocks, fears, and stress
~ Transform negative energy to positive energy
~ Reveal negative patterns and inner stories that are holding you back
~ Creating your purpose & the life you want to experience
~ Opening to flow and navigating with your Heart Compass
~ Greater flourishing of well being
~ Achieving your vision and dreams

One-on-one intuitive Joy Alchemy sessions with Rev. Shannon are focused on what is important for you—whether it is in relationships, career, work, family, finances, or for business and corporate leaders, to work with those areas that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. While setting intentions and goals is the methodology for traditional coaching, Rev. Shannon blends this approach with interfaith/interspiritual counseling in a co-creation approach, guiding you through discerning your true purpose, intention and setting goals, then allowing in flow for the manifesting of your vision and dreams (nearly effortless) by navigating with your Heart Compass and transforming for more fulfilling outcomes using Joy Alchemy for living an inspired life filled with true joy. Rev. Shannon will compassionately and enthusiastically guide you towards greater flourishing and thriving of your own life with more fulfilling outcomes. 60-minute sessions are: $150. (Minimum 3 sessions; package of 6 pre-paid sessions is $800).

To schedule an initial consultation with Rev. Shannon you are welcome to email revshanmarie@gmail.com or call (908) 864-7094. Sessions are available online via Zoom or telephone or locally in Hillsborough, New Jersey. For upcoming local classes, visit Inner Light Spiritual Center’s FaceBook page at: https://www.facebook.com/innerlightspiritualcenter.