Ceremonies & Rituals

 “Let us spend this moment upon the shores of the heart.
Where the waves of the soul meet the sands of the earth.
Where our heart resides in the harmony of the surf and the sand.
Ever transforming the surface and ever rejuvenating the deep.
And so it is.” ~ Rev Shannon Winters

Personalized and heart-felt ceremonies and rituals by Rev. Shannon encompass all the milestones along our journeys that are meaningful—moments that bring us the greatest joy, times of transition that are difficult and filled with sadness, or moments of blessing with sacred ritual and empowerment—custom designed for all paths and faiths.

Some of the ceremonies, rituals, and blessings that Rev. Shannon officiates include:

Please click on the ceremonies, blessings, and rituals above for more information. Rev. Shannon officiates for other special events and milestones too, you are welcome to reach out to her at revshanmarie@gmail.com or (908) 864-7094 for a personalized and custom ceremony just for you!