Code of Ethics

In all services, ceremonies, rituals, and blessings as a part of Rev. Shannon’s ministry, she is committed to adhering to the following personal code of ethics:

  1. Cultivating awareness, compassion, and healing in the world guided by inner truth (heart compass) and Divine wisdom from within. In all things, remaining sincere and transparent in purpose, acting in a manner that is fair and just, in lovingkindness, for the highest good of all.
  2.  Believing that grace is continually renewed within and surrounding all of humanity and persevere in peace and acceptance of the transformative flow of the Divine and with a spirit of forgiveness, acknowledge that all is unfolding as it should in Divine order while remaining unattached to outcomes.
  1. Honoring all as being created in the likeness of the Divine and do unto others as would have done unto myself, treating all with dignity, respect, and inclusiveness. Remain steadfast in courage in circumstances where there is unjust persecution and offering acceptance and support to those who are discriminated against. Do not intentionally cause harm in thought, word, or action towards another human being.
  1. Communicating openly and honestly with the highest level of integrity, with understanding of the importance of not misleading or contributing to falsehoods. As such, strive to be fully trustworthy and dependable, while maintaining strictest confidentiality within the law.
  1. Harmoniously balance daily life with mindfulness and encourage others to honor themselves in spirit, mind, and body while recognizing that wholeness is expressed in all levels of our being. In this, hold space for introspection, spiritual practices, and inspiration.
  1. Transcending all perceived limits by pursuing and exploring the spiritual unfolding of the path as it evolves in possibility and the inspired manifesting of miracles. With the most heartfelt gratitude, continually deepen my personal spirituality in that service may be grounded in sacredness and authenticity.