With compassion and inspiration, Rev. Shannon Marie Winters, MS, honors the interconnected truths of all paths and faiths and is dedicated to the discovery and deepening of inner spirituality, the awakening of consciousness, cultivating of spiritual practices, unfolding of possibility and inspiration, and trusting fully in the Divine wisdom of our hearts—with non-judgment and openness for all seekers from religious traditions—as well as, those who are “spiritual but not religious,” agnostic, or atheist.

She grounds her service in ministry in the Divine way of love, with common values of compassion, kindness, peace, forgiveness, tolerance, humility, and curiosity. Ultimately, seeking to honor and respect all of humankind, do no harm, and live by the Golden Rule in harmony, peace, and in a loving way for all—which begins within ourselves. For more information, you are welcome to read the personal Code of Ethics to which Rev. Shannon adheres, available here.

Rev. Shannon meets each person right where they are and offers heart-centered guidance, teachings, ceremonies and rituals. She honors the Universal oneness that is shared in mystical and contemplative practices found in the perennial wisdom within all religions and faith traditions and appreciates the diversity of paths to the Divine called by many names. Additionally, through her studies in esoteric pathways and science, and personal transformative experiences as an intuitive and empath, she offers a unique open space for deepening connectedness with true Divine nature through an awakened inner life and heart experiences that transcend ideas, beliefs, and concepts while seeking to discern deeper unity and inner understanding.

Originally from California, Rev. Shannon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Portland State University in Oregon, a Master’s degree in Biomedical Writing from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has worked in the corporate sector in the NYC area for more than 14 years, leading strategy and planning of scientific publications and communications and is an author of numerous scientific publications. In 2012 she became certified as an Intrinsic Wellness/Life Coach and is a Reiki Jin Kei Do practitioner (the way of wisdom and compassion). She was ordained as an interfaith minister in 2018 through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC and is an active affiliated minister.

Rev. Shannon volunteers with UNITY EARTH, Interspiritual Network, and is a board member of the nonprofit Interspiritual Dialogue founded by Brother Wayne Teasdale. She is Managing Editor of Light on Light Magazine from the Interspiritual Network. Light on Light’s mission is dedicated to illuminating the light of wisdom and compassion of spiritual practices and inspiring lifestyles for the flourishing of health, mind, and spirit. You’ll find some of Rev. Shannon’s writings and teachings in the issues of these e-zines.

Together with her husband, Rev. Shannon founded Sunnyside Gift Company online in 2015 and opened their first brick & mortar location in Hillsborough, New Jersey in 2018. Sunnyside is a shop filled with inspirations and fun gifts, including a wide range of metaphysical and spiritual practice gifts. Through her ministry and work, Rev. Shannon honors the light within each and every person and cherishes the gift of life’s unique journeys.

She resides in Hillsborough, New Jersey, with her family and joyful menagerie of rescued dogs and cats. With the confidence that anything is possible, Rev. Shannon enthusiastically dares to dream beyond boundaries, navigating with the compass within her heart—opening space for each of us to rediscover and re-attune with our own inner light and heart compass.