Conscious Business Magazine Launches from Light on Light Publications

An exciting announcement! From the Light on Light family of publications, today marks the launch of the premier issue of Conscious Business magazine is launched online! You are invited to explore with us why “business as usual” isn’t working any more and what consciousness in business is really all about (and what it looks like in action) shared through the insights and wisdom from global renowned leaders in the conscious business movement dedicated to a flourishing world that works for all.

The journey to this magazine issue started through an Evolutionary Leaders’ Synergy Circle and the Conscious Business World Summit held in 2019. We dedicated an issue of The Convergence to the Summit, The Convergence Waking Up and Growing Up: The Conscious Business World Summit, as well as, two radio specials at The Convergence on VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel.

The Editors at Light on Light, including Rev. Shannon, in collaboration with guest editors Steve Farrell, Executive Director, Humanity’s Team, and Peter Matthies, Founder, The Conscious Business Institute, closely aligned Conscious Business magazine with the vision and principles of the Conscious Business Declaration.

Adding Conscious Business magazine in the Light on Light family of publications was a natural next step for us. The transformative work being done in the conscious business movement is not just related to the way that businesses operate, but includes a holistic worldview that includes the prospering and flourishing in a way that works for all—not just the bottom profit line of the business itself. This means healthy work environments focused on the well being of workers, keeping ecological health of the earth top of mind, and, ultimately, fostering business practices that see, honor, and celebrate the essential interconnected nature of all human beings and all life for a world that works for all. All of this is inexplicably connected with our spiritual nature and the Divine, and that’s why it was a perfect addition to Light on Light.

We warmly welcome you to this premier issue available online now.

Namaste with love,