NYC Convergence with UNITY EARTH ~ New Issue of The Convergence Published Online

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We are so happy to be welcoming you to The New York Convergence “Waking Up” issue of The Convergence magazine. The New York Convergence events from late January into February—for the World Interfaith Harmony Week—follow on nearly two years and global events and media initiatives from UNITY EARTH and its many partners.

UNITY EARTH is one of many great experiments, going on now worldwide, where transformational communities are joining into “networks of networks” to see what can be achieved together, and how this might influence the greater global conversation for good.

From events at the United Nations Church Center Chapel, to Australia, Africa, India, Rome-Assisi, Japan, Crestone Colorado/Four Corners to the Toronto Parliament of the World’s Religions, to magazine issues and internet radio broadcasts, UNITY EARTH is showing itself as an effective gathering point for transformational work. And we look forward to joining with so many others. Together we are visioning the possibilities for real change by whatever date we choose—2020, 2025, 2030, etc.

From our visioning and leadership meeting in New York City on February 1, to our concert and celebration at New York’s landmark United Palace theatre on February 2, we plan to join with thousands of others and make a “joyful noise.”

This special issue of The Convergence magazine joins the work above with prominent messages from our contribution to the Parliament of the World’s Religions, our book Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Showing Up, Linking Up and Lifting Up. These include, below, Ken Wilber’s Introduction to the book, and messages from other diverse global transformational leaders.

The magazine issue is joined also with a special program on VoiceAmerica, airing January 23 on UNITY EARTH’s Convergence Radio “The Convergence” Series. It will be hosted by many of the leaders also featured in the articles in The Convergence magazine.

We hope that you find this landscape of ambitious Being and Doing as inspiring and uplifting as we have in bringing it together. Let’s continue to “cluster up” and create this world of cooperation, synergy, and co-creation. We salute all of those in the world who are doing likewise! Let’s all work together to make The New York Convergence, and the upcoming events of The Road to 2020—like the Caravan of Unity Across America—a resounding success.