Transformative Communities & Congregations – New Issue of Light on Light Magazine Published Today

It is with much joy that we share the news of a new issue of Light on Light Magazine published todayThis issue features a spotlight on transformational spiritual (and non-spiritual) communities and congregations and renowned global and local leaders sharing their wisdom and experiences. As I share in a Welcome to this issue, there was a moment along my journey when I stepped beyond the edges of “religion,” and into the great wide unknown of life beyond the Truth found within myself—the inner light and connection to the Divine—and this mystical and mysterious connection with Oneness and Source transcended description. The infinite and eternal grace that the Divine held for me could not possibly fit into any one religious box. As it turned out, it appears as though I am not the only one.

A survey in the United States reported that 27% of adults define themselves as “spiritual but not religious” or “unaffiliated.” This number is rapidly increasing and spans gender, age, ethnicities, education legals, and political affiliations. Globally there are more than 1 billion people who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious,” agnostic, or atheist. The communities featured in this issue of Light on Light Magazine hold open space for the hearts of those who identify themselves somewhere out of the religious spectrum.

The common thread among these communities of acting in full moral and ethical capacity, living in harmony with the Universe and all living beings, cultivating nonviolence, living in humility and gratitude, and being of selfless service and compassionate action for all not unlike the 9 elements of Universal Spirituality described by Brother Wayne Teasdale in his book, The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions, and further illuminated in The Coming Interspiritual Age co-authored by our Contributing Editor, Dr. Kurt Johnson. The shared common values of peace, love, and unity pervading through these emerging communities and congregations are similar to the unity that is found when one gazes deeply into the heart of our World’s Wisdom Traditions and Religions—that is, The Golden Rule.

You are welcome to explore and enjoy the wisdom and inspiration in the pages of this issue!

Light on Light Magazine is from the Interspiritual Network, a member of the UNITY EARTH network, is a free digital magazine dedicated to illuminating the light of wisdom, inspiration, and transformation found within spiritual practices and inspired lifestyles for the flourishing of health, mind, and spirit every day. Featuring renowned contributors across the myriad of pathways of world wisdom traditions, interfaith, and interspirituality communities, Light on Light honors the light found within all pathways and the inner light within each person. Rev. Shannon Winters is honored to serve as the Managing Editor of Light on Light.